The brand Nonex has now become synonymous with sensitive rock breaking around the world. We carry the whole range that cover all types of sensitive rock and concrete breaking where explosives are not permitted. These cartridges are used to break rock and concrete with minimal vibration and noise and fly rock is 100% controllable.

They are available in 13 mm, 28 mm, 34 mm, 42 mm and 60mm cartridges with charge weights from 5 grams to 650 grams to accommodate rock or concrete removal applications, such as oversize, trenching, pipeline installations, pipe jacking, tunnelling, harbour deepening, mass rock breaking, shaft-sinking, general sliping and demolition work.

We also have a 90 mm cartridge range with charge weights from 2000 grams to 4000 grams for open cast mining of highgrade ore bodies in close proximity to sensitive structures, large boulders, coal mining and lava removal.

Certain size cartridges are also available in a Self-stemming and Underwater options.