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The Riodite Nex-Fuse is an electric igniter that has been designed to ignite Black Powder, Nex-Blast or other pyrotechnic mixtures. Nex-Fuse is perfect for igniting the above mentioned products for the Dimension Stone Industry as well as Non-Detonating cartridges.

Nex-Fuse Availability:

[trx_image align=”none” shape=”square” title=”Nex-Fuse with 2.0m lead wires (1000 Units per box)” icon=”none” width=”100%” url=”333″]
[trx_image url=”334″ align=”none” shape=”square” title=”Nex-Fuse with 3,5m lead wires (500 Units per box)” icon=”none” width=”100%”]

NB! Delivery within 24hrs of order placement and payment


  • Safe to Use
  • Easy to deploy
  • Tangle free lead wires
  • Easily initiated with all industry – standard Shot Exploders
  • Classification: IMCO Class – 1.4S, UN 0454