Hydro Bags

Hydro Bags

Hydro Bags are expanding steel cushions whose technological brilliance lies in their basic ability to move slabs or blocks of up to 1000 tons or more without the need to prepare slots to house the jacks.

Hydro Bags have a thickness of just 2mm and can easily be slipped into the diamond wire saw cut.

They consists of two sheets of high tensile steel welded together using the latest laser techniques.

Water is hydraulically pumped in at a pressure of 30-40 bar expanding them up to 25-30 cm resulting in a thrust force of up to 1000 tons.

By coupling two or more cushions side by side or combined together in packs it is possible to obtain greater displacement.

It must be pointed out that our Hydro Bags only use running water as an expansion fluid and not oil as with other hydraulic systems. It is for this reason that Hydro Bags are classified as environmentally friendly.

NB! Hydro Bags don’t require any maintenance for the simple reason that they are only used once.

To summarise, Hydro Bags are a simple, versatile and economical tool that have revolutionised the moving of quarry slabs.

All this means savings from the following:

  • Elimination of the time necessary for the preparation of the slots for jacks
  • The blocks of stone are obtained with their sections intact
  • Total elimination of explosives which can potentially damage the product
  • Partial or total elimination of hydraulic jacks
  • Less noise and dust caused by the presence of pneumatic hammers
  • Respect for the local environment
  • Increased safety for the operators
  • Limited maintenance