Harlen Quarry Supplies (Pty) Ltd provides a full and complete rangeĀ  of Rock Breaking products for use in all circumstances. From large quarries to construction sites, from bed rock to a large boulder in a garden, we have the solution. If you are uncertain as to which solution will be best for you, please feel free to contact us and let us advise you. We can also recommend a dealer or distributor in your area if you require their services.

Nex-Pand is a soundless cracking agent (also known as Expansion Mortar) that breaks Rock and Concrete.

Nex-Fuse is state of the art Electric fuse head that is ideal for initiating Granitex or any other form of Black powder used in the Quarry industry.

Nex-Bags are a technologically superior Hydro bag that is used in conjunction with water for moving large blocks/slabs of Granite or Marble.